we are an infinitesimal private press in the southern part of the province of ontario in canada. we have been a private press since 1991.

we print books, posters, broadsides, ephemera, etcetera. we even sometimes print things for money. we also bind things together (like books). we try to do handlettering (we like that word better than calligraphy). we also do some printmaking, etcetera. we do not consider ourselves artists — we are a designer. we studied at a design school (in nova scotia, canada) and everything. we may even be able to find our diploma if really pushed to do it. it was printed letterpress (Univers!).

we hope to show things in and around our printshop like type, machines, materials, processes. we also hope to discuss the use of these things (including processes) and try to show what they all mean in a modern, digital, hostile-to-all-these-things world. we are also interested in craft and all manner of making things with our hands. we love woodworking, but we aren’t good at it.

we also are in the process of producing our own woodtype font which we will be detailing (success and/or failure) in these pages (they are pages, aren’t they?).

oh, and, we are just me.

p.s. this is a link to our woefully out-of-date website

p.p.s. here’s a link to our page on the instantgrammes

p.p.p.s. no, we won’t print your book of poetry or family history

p.p.p.p.s. we don’t like capitals