so, it seems a little weird, but as of 1 january 2016 blindpigpress is twentyfive years old.

like most things, i’m not really sure how i feel about this. i guess i’m sorta weirded out because it’s been twentyfive years. that’s a lot of years. twentyfive is the kind of year that you have a big party over (i haven’t yet).

on the other hand i’m sorta proud that i have stuck around for that long. i don’t like feeling proud because there is something fundamentally wrong with that. you know there’s going to be trouble coming down the pipe if you start feeling something approaching good about yourself or what you do.

but it is certainly something.

i’m lucky in the fact that i look like i could have been doing something for twentyfive years. there’s lots of grey hair (in fact, most). the beard is pretty much all grey. the eyes are weak and i have to look at stuff up closeup to see it properly. the body is bent and messed up in a way that looks like a repetitive strain injury.

at this point in my life i can’t weed the me out of what i do. there was a time when i thought that blindpigpress was something on it’s own : an entity that had a life that existed beyond . but now i think of it as me. it’s a part of my personality. or my dna.

but i’m not sure why.

i started blindpigpress as a private press because bill poole told me that i had to. i had just graduated from nscad (pre-u) and i really really liked letterpress printing. i didn’t know what a private press was (i still don’t). but over time and a lot of reps, i have become it. i don’t think that it has become me.

i wanted to do something symbolically on new year’s day to celebrate, so i thought that destroying all my previous work would be a good thing. so, bright and early on 1 january i set about to destroying all the stuff that i hadn’t been able to sell (small joke) or give away (slightly smaller joke).

i started by trying to burn some of it, but that didn’t go too well. it was really cold outside and it was taking too long and i was having trouble burning that much stuff in a tiny little mini bbq that we have (i don’t approve of bbqs).

the next step was to cut it up quickly in my cutter. this worked like a charm. i chopped up all the posters and broadsides and other crap in no time. it was very freeing. i would recommend it to anyone.

as soon as i started chopping it up i knew i was doing the right thing. instead of thinking about the old stuff i had, i started thinking about the new stuff that i wanted to do. it also cleared up a lot of space in the paper drawers.

then i started all over again.